Wedding Decoration

Your wedding is definitely made more special by the look and feel of the wedding venue and the reception. No wedding would be special without the color theme, the accessories and other decorations prepared for the wedding. These days, weddings mostly have set themes. Some weddings go for their favourite colors as their themes and some go as far as having their favourite movie as their theme. A couple decided to have a garden wedding and dressed as characters from The Lord of the Rings to create their dream wedding. Well, all this will boil down to the way you decorate your wedding venue and reception.

You should check out the lighting of your wedding venue, whether it be at a church or somewhere else, before decorating because the lighting can affect or influence the way you should decorate the place. It is better if you take photos of the place so that you can consult the people who will be in charge of decorating regarding what to do and what to place in those spaces of the area.

Also, you should talk to church officials or administrators regarding your plans for the decorations to determine whether there are limitations or restrictions to the decoration of the church. Clear it up with church officials first so that there will be no problems whatsoever come decoration and preparation time.

It is best to choose one color to unify the whole wedding ceremony. This will determine the color palette to be used for the gowns of the entourage, the flowers to be used as accent, the color of drapings, laces, ribbons and the like as the church’s and reception’s decorations, etc.

Use flowers to accentuate the church entrances, aisles, and other spaces in the church. Do the same for the reception area. You can also use the flowers as accent pieces for the bridal table and all the other tables of guests in the venue. You can also accentuate the place with potted plants especially if you feel like giving the place a very garden-like and outdoor feel.

Make sure that the pews don’t look bare by dressing it up with laces and drapings or anything that suits your wedding’s theme. Don’t forget to supplement your guests with the misalette and all the other printed materials needed for the wedding rites by putting these on the seats of the guests. Besides the red carpet to be walked on by the bride, flowers and drapings can give life to the main aisle and pews. You can also set up candles along the aisle of every pew to light up the bride’s walkway and to give more drama to the wedding rites.

You should take into consideration the season of your wedding. The decorations for your big day should also suit the date and time of the rites. During the summer, decorations should be bright and colors should look refreshing. During the rainy or cold seasons, the darker shades can already be used.

At the reception, you can make use of balloons following your theme to give a more funky and fun feel to your wedding. Remember that decorations are only used to accentuate your wedding venues. Make sure that you ask help from a group of people to take charge of the wedding decorations.

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