Wedding – The activities behind a Wedding Ceremony


The question is why do we need to get the arrangements done for a

Well, the reasons are very simple and can be understood very easily. Firstly, it is a social custom and many people are invited to witness the

Secondly, it is the ceremony of the whole family where all the members of the family assemble and make merry during the days of wedding. The father of the bride wishes to send her to her in-law’s house with all sorts of comforts so that she could live there with all love and ease.

Both the parties of the

is a social ceremony which is witnessed by many people together. It is an essential part of the social life which is observed by all the major religions in the world. Though the rituals and customs are different for different religions, casts or creeds, all of them spend a lot of time and energy to get the preparations ready before the actual day of wedding comes. wedding ceremony? What are its social necessities? wedding ceremony.It is, therefore, a matter of prestige for the families of the groom and the bride. They wish to display their reputation and financial strength through their way of preparation of the entire wedding ceremony. wedding relationship chalk out their program just after the negotiations are finalized. Following are the activities that they undertake before the wedding ceremony comes at hand:


Generally, the

Apart from booking of the venues, the decorators and caterers are also finalized well before the final schedule. The decorators are the people who decorate the

On the other hand, the caterers are the people who are professionally trained to serve the invited guests on the respective dates. They sit together, discuss and then finalize the menus for the evenings. After the deal is finalized, it becomes the responsibility of the decorators and the caterers to do their respective works on the dates given to them.

: wedding takes place in the residence of the bride and the reception ceremony is arranged at the house of the groom. But these days, separate ceremony houses are booked for these ceremonies. Just after the dates of the wedding ceremonies are finalized, both the families book the venues for their respective events. wedding and reception venues on the respective dates. The wedding families give them the details of everything and the deal is finalized.


Since it is a social ceremony, both the families wish to invite their relatives and friends. For this invitation cards are printed in a very attractive manner. These days the parties go for digital printing as it looks very attractive. After these cards are printed, they are sent to the distant relatives through posts. Others are visited by the parties individually. This is a big part of the ceremony and takes quite a few days.



This is the most attractive part of the preparation for the ceremony. Generally the parents of the bride and the groom take the responsibility of purchasing all the required things from the markets. Generally they visit the garment shops, jewelry shops and departmental stores to make the essential marketing.

Clothes (saris, dress materials, suit lengths), different items of jewelry and cosmetic items are the common items on which the

While purchasing the cosmetic items, they take very good care of the quality of the items. Generally brands like Lakme, Revlon and Emami are preferred as they are reputed for their world class quality. As far as the items for the groom are concerned, the brands like Godrej, Old Spice and Gillette are preferred.

: wedding parties chiefly concentrate. It is worth mentioning that both the families make the best possible purchases strictly within their financial limitations. Sometimes the to-be bride accompanies with her parents to these places to purchase things according to her choice as it is she who is supposed to use these things later on.

Arrangement of Funds:

It is the most important part of the whole affair after all the financial aspect determines the smoothness of the arrangement. You can not think of hosting a ceremony like

It is very important to have a well prepared plan to carry out all the functions smoothly. Generally the father or the elders in the family carry out the duties of the coordinator. It is his responsibility to look after and monitor all the preparations of the most prestigious event of the entire family.

wedding without funds. The responsibilities of arranging the funds obviously depend upon the shoulders of the parents and other elders of the family. You can call it a collective effort also.

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