What sort of Grape Trellis is Right for You?

The best aspect behind grape growing is they grow on a vine, with the help of a trellis. Since vines can’t support themselves, the trellis gives them a place to hold on to ; maximizing space usage.
Because of this, grapevine growers can harvest grapes both in a vineyard, and in their own backyards.

Trellis Aesthetics
Trellises come in several different of looks, shapes and styles varying according to vineyard size and the grower’s private taste. They can be either acquired ( commended for small-sized vineyards/yards) or home made – an option more suitable for vineyards of considerable sizes that would force larger trellis constructions.

Before you head out to get a trellis for your grapevines, make sure you have determined its location previously. This way you can make the essential measurements to order a trellis that fits well in it’s destination. Remember that, though, grapevines maximise space by growing on a trellis, they continue to need a space of 8ft by 8ft for one single vine.

A short trellis will have posts of a median of three ft in height, while a large trellis sometimes has posts 8 ft tall.

Trellis Installation
Once you have mapped out the grapevines location, and had your trellis built you can begging digging the holes for its installment. Posts must be a median of two ft into the ground. You can either secure them in place using sand and cement, or you can tie them down to the ground using catch wires, Posts are set at a distance of 8ft apart, with two rows of galvanized steel running between the poles. One runs along the apex of the posts, and one along the bottom, securing them together. You can use a staple gun to staple the wires prepared.

When your grapevine starts to grow, it will climb along these two wires on the trellis.


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