Constructing Good Grape Trellis For Your Vineyard

For those who wish to purchase grape trellis, there are many different varieties available in the market. Constructing your own can be a rewarding experience and you can try using different materials like wood, galvanized steel or even aluminum for this purpose.

Grape vines can occupy a lot of space so you need to make sure that you have adequate space in your backyard before planting them. It is important to build a grape trellis during the first year as grape vines can grow quickly and spread all over the place. There are two methods by which you can build it one which makes use of a single wire whereas the other one takes up two wires. Grape trellis is constructed just like a fence and its height and shape is determined by the climatic conditions and the variety of grape vine which is used.

How to construct your own grape trellis?

If you have your own backyard and want to plant 1-2 grape vines, then constructing a grape arbor can be a great idea. For this purpose, you require two posts, which need to be placed 2 feet inside the ground, and must be minimum 8 feet tall and they must be at least 8 feet apart. You can use two stainless steel wires of equal length to connect one end of the post to the other. The most important thing about building an arbor or trellis is that they must be strong enough to lend support to the grape vines.

Besides, they need to protect the grape vines against strong winds and other harsh weather conditions. They must be able to provide good sunlight and help in training and pruning the grape vines in a easy manner. Normally, tall trellises are constructed to protect the grapevines against harsh summers and smaller ones are more effective during winters.

In case you wish to have shorter trellises, then it is better to have posts that stands around 3 feet tall and use galvanized steel wires to secure the ends of the posts. You can also use a staple gun along with wire strainers to give more stability to the wires. If you are using a single wire system, then the line must be set at least five feet above the ground and in case of the double wire, they need to be maintain a space of a minimum of 4 feet between them. Grape trellises are the best way to protect your grape vines to enhance production of grapes. Grape trellis also provides a favorable environment for vines to grow and offer excellent quality of grapes, which can be used for making wines.

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